Social Studies Group 3

Parramatta Marist High

2 Darcy Rd Westmead 2145




Aus Tender

Parliament House

Canberra ACT 2600

Tel:1300 651 698




14 February 2008


To whom it may concern,


I am writing in response to your invite to submit a amendment of the preamble to the constitution to include Indigenous Australians. I believe that our groups preamble is necessary to include in the constitution.


Our group strongly believes that we must include Indigenous Australians in the constitution because they are the original inheritance of Australia and therefore have a rightful place in the constitution.


As you will see in our preamble it has a concise, comprehensive and accurate information on Indigenous Australians history from the Dreamtime until the present.


Our preamble also includes all events and individuals who are deemed significant to indigenous and all other Australians. Which is essential to include in the preamble.


I hope that you will consider using our preamble in the Australian constitution.





Your Sincerely

Tim Rosandi

Time Manager


©Group 3    9.1/9.2    2008


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