Draft Preamble

In reference to the current preamble of Australia (made in 9th July 1900) there is no indication within that document of Indigenous Australians whatsoever. The preamble is supposed to portray our great nation and as a nation, the people consist of both indigenous and non indigenous Australians. It now is futile to avoid recognising those who first inhabited this great land or equally in significance those who settled on the land and made Australia as it is today. For it is in those reasons as a nation, the proposal of a new preamble for the Constitution to include indigenous people is essential, to better and reform the nation’s great land known as Australia. For it is only right to include Indigenous Australians in the preamble for several accountable reasons; they first inhabited the land with their own unique culture, they survived through the European’s in addition Australian’s wrongs (e.g. the ‘stolen generations’), and Aboriginals increased the identity of our great nation. The question that we all ask in the first place is, ‘Why aren’t they included in the preamble for the Australian Constitution despite being such an importance to our great nation?’


40 000 years ago existed one of the oldest cultures in the world, but in fact it is the oldest surviving culture in today’s society. The heart of the Indigenous Australian culture is usually acknowledged as the “Dreaming” or “Dreamtime”. Aboriginals often affiliate the dreamtime with the period in which all things were created by their ancestors, whereas the Dreaming is basically the basis of Aboriginal spiritual Belief, encompassing the creation of the earth and sea and based on a cyclical view of time. Indigenous Australians have unbelievable strong spiritual connections to their creators; their ancestors and have a remarkable relationship with their land. One of the Indigenous Australians core values is simply that they do not hold ownership to the land but the land holds ownership to them, they only exist to maintain it perfect as the ancestors left it. In 1968 a book published named ‘After the Dreaming’ expresses exactly how incredible their relationship really is and it goes as follows:

“……there are no English words good enough to give a sense of the links between an Aboriginal group and Homeland. Our word ‘home’, warm and suggestive though it may be, does not match the Aboriginal word that may mean ‘camp, ‘hearth’, ‘country’, ‘everlasting homes’, ‘totem place’, ‘life source’ and ‘spirit centre’, and much else all in one. Our word ‘land’ is too sparse and meagre. The Aboriginal would speak earth and use the word richly symbolic way to mean his ‘shoulder’ or ‘his side’” In today’s society many of this culture has been lost through the years but still survives day by day through the heart and soul of the Aboriginals through their practices and traditions of dance, storytelling, music and in addition sport. It is overwhelmingly amazing in just exactly how their culture still exists to this very day in the event of they basically endured one of the most fierce and detrimental colonisations made by the British that ever took place. Just briefly the British, killed many Aboriginals during the process, they forcefully took the land after changing their mind on living side by side and introduced many diseases such as small pox that wiped out part of the population. Therefore Aboriginals must be included within the preamble because they first inhabited this land, preserved their culture despite the fact it was almost destroyed by the British, in which Australians are descendents of.


The Indigenous Australian Culture has also been lost largely because the next generation was literally stolen by the Government. This generation of Indigenous Australians are often acknowledged as the Stolen Generation. A time between 1910 to approximately 1970 an estimated amount of 100,000 children (average age was 5) i.e. that is 30% of the kids of the families of Indigenous Australians were removed largely because the Europeans had a belief that the Aboriginals were an ‘inferior race’ and should be westernised. This meant that they were forced to adapt to the European society in addition put aside and deny their culture. This was simply because they were prohibited of speaking their language or practising any of their traditions, the Europeans even went to the extreme of forbidding any contact with their family and in result the children were brainwashed to believe that they were orphans. As Indigenous or Non Indigenous Australians is it not that we strongly believe in the act of sincerity, kindness and a community in which all are treated justly, honourably and most importantly equally. In reality this never was the case because the stolen generations, in result were targeted for sexual harassment, given few educational opportunities because they had no expectations of making it within the real world and basically didn’t even have the privilege as mentioned above, to practise their culture. Paul Buttigieg, An Aboriginal poet who expresses his history through poetry wrote this regarding the stolen generations;

Turns out the last light
A Blackout
A dormitory full of black kids sigh


Waiting for parents to return
A shallow promise from government guardians
If you sleep

A white education waits
If you wake

The theft of your black soul
The destruction of your family”

Therefore, Indigenous Australians have lived in a community in which they are extremely disadvantaged and where’d they had very few rights to express their opinions and defend themselves. After all this, the destructions of their family, the least they deserve is to be a part of the Australia’s Constitution’s preamble.


On a more positive view, Indigenous Australians, have represented this great nation in a variety of ways, whether it be through sport, art or through the media, Aboriginals had a significant impact on the recognition of Australia. Cathy Freeman for instance a gold medallist in track and field within the Olympics. She not only represented Australia in winning her gold medals during the 1990’s but represented Indigenous Australians in waving an Aboriginal flag and an Australian flag on the other side. This actually, for some reason was prohibited and in the 1994 Olympics, it caused tension and disputes, even in through that horrendous experience she had remained faithful to her culture and did the same in the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Another significant aboriginal worth mentioning is a deceased painter ‘Albert Namatjira’ and was simply had the title as the GREATEST aboriginal painter. His well known artworks such as the “Red Bluff” received outstanding awards but in particular a medal from the queen formerly known as the ‘Queens Coronation Medal’ (1953). Therefore Aboriginals must be included in the preamble because they play a remarkable role in the noticing, reputation and recognition of Australia.

As we unite as Indigenous and Non Indigenous Australia another poem by Paul Buttigieg based on reconciliation is necessary;


Has a friend
Be they black or white
Every one
Has a friend
Be they white or black
Has a few friends
The colour of rainbows

The fear of any difference is gone
One big hug”


In Conclusion, Indigenous Australians must be included within the preamble because they are the basis, the foundation in which makes up this great nation in which we call Australia. After all they had experienced the stolen generations, the colonisation, the deterioration of their miraculous culture; the least they deserve is to be united with Australians in the Preamble. To Australia.

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©Group 3 9.1/9.2 2008






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  1. Paolo Says:

    Thankyou for your wonderful observations. I am always with you in support.

    Thankyou also for reading my poetry which is now read in schools and uni’s all over the world.



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